Why choose Executive Match
to find the partner and long-term love you deserve?

Are you a successful executive looking to meet someone extraordinary, inspiring and compatible for long-term love?  Do you struggle to find time or opportunities to meet the kind of people who could potentially be the partner you really want and deserve?

With an experienced, well connected Executive Match matchmaker by your side, there are many good reasons why that perfect someone for you could be one introduction away.

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Only meet your kind of single professionals

Every Executive Match client has four common traits. They’re highly successful in their field. They live in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra. They are also looking for a serious relationship with the right person, for the long-term. And they’re people who can understand, appreciate and are completely comfortable in a world like yours.

In other words, you’ll only meet discerning, high achieving and successful men or women who are happy with their lives and careers. And like you, they’re now looking for someone special to share the many amazing experiences that their life presents.

Avoid wasting your time with incompatible people

You come to us for good reason – to meet eligible, like minded singles who are committed to finding a long-term partner. Our members are all highly compatible, make it through our face-to-face interviews with flying colours and are genuine, interesting, open minded and fun.

Know your date has been security checked and interviewed

When you meet someone at a bar, online or even in the supermarket, you’re never 100% sure who they really are. With Executive Match, you have peace of mind knowing that the person across the table has been has been screened and interviewed by your matchmaker.

Feel at peace knowing you’re details are safe

The web makes it very easy for people to find out personal information about you. With Executive Match, all of your information is kept bank-vault confidential – your registration, compatibility tests, screenings, and anything you ever share with your matchmaker.