Why are so many photos fake on dating websites?

This is a real problem and concern. A common complaint we hear all the time at Executive Match and why so many singles turn to us for help is that the dates they meet look nothing like their photos. We all know the scenario. You have gone on to RSVP or Tinder and done the search. Found someone you like and connected with them.

The only problem is that the photos look nothing like the person sitting in front of them on the first date. They are there right in front of you and you can’t make the connection. There is a similarity, but they seem to have put n about 20 kg and lost a lot of hair. Plus where did all those wrinkles come from? What a disappointment!

This happens all the time and there is a large percentage of people out there who are putting up photos of themselves that are well over 5 years old. This is unfair and not on and wastes peoples time.

So how does a dating agency like ours at Executive Match fit in? Well, firstly we meet everyone before they go one our database so we can accurately see their age. We also will be provided with current photos so they cannot slip in the odd photo when they were years younger. In fact with us, it’s what you see is what you get.

When we send out a profile for you to view, you can rest easy that this photo is current so there’s no chance of ever being disappointed when you first see them. This is the beauty of dealing with a dating agency. You avoid all the deceipt and photo shopped images prior to meeting the person.

Lets say for example you’re a 45 year old man looking to meet a lady in her late thirties or early forties the last thing you want to meet (unless this is your preference) is a load in her early fifties. This is what it’s like in the dating world where all photos and selfies are unregulated. Of course people are going to put up their best photos of themselves which were taken years ago. You want to put your best foot forward and present yourself in the best light and with the aging process this can be an issue.

Our job as a dating agency is to cut through the clutter and match you with people who don’t lie about their age and who have photos that are current.

So, if you want to meet someone who actually looks like their photo get in touch with Robyn at Executive Match.