Why am I successful, but still single?

Are you at the peak of your career? Have you got a successful business that you have worked on for years? Are you independent financially and achieved all your goals? Then why are you still single? Why, after achieving all the success in your career and business have you not been able to find true love in your life? Are you thinking what’s wrong with me?

You are always meeting new people through work, events, functions and the occasional blind date the your friends have set up for you. But, while all your mates are getting married and falling in love you seem to be the last man or woman standing. Essentially, you cannot find your ‘plus one’!

The question still remains in your mind, why and I still alone and why am I still single after all these years. I’m a go-getter, I’m successful but why has this part of my life so eluded me? We’ll don’t despair as there are many people in the same boat as you and as work commitments and the pace of life gets faster this list keeps on growing of eligible single men and single women who cannot find a partner.

So, why am I still single?

 Following are some reasons why you may still be single:

Your too fussy: successful people not only set extremely high standards for themselves but they will expect to see these very high standards on the people they meet. You are probably very quick to spot certain characteristics & idiosyncrasies in the person sitting opposite you ( because you have been trained in this in your business life) and can therefore be very quick to judge or dismiss them. If they don’t live up to your high expectations then they are simply gone. Put simply, your far too fussy.

Your too busy: You have that luncheon appointment or business meeting that you simply can’t put off or that trip to Melbourne to meet the new supplier. Whatever it is, your on the go 24/7, thinking about business. This leaves you little time to invest in one important area of your life; your love life. And this is why your still single and this is where our service as a discreet professional matchmaker comes in handy.

All your friends are married or with a partner: You mix in certain circles that are full of couples which limits your exposure to single men or women.

You spend a lot of time on useless dating apps that never produce results. We all know Tinder, Bumble & RSVP but why are you still on them when they have delivered nothing but disappointment over the years.

All of the above make it nearly impossible for you to meet the right person according to one of Australia’s leading matchmakers Robyn, at Executive Match. Over the last decade she has seen the same scenario play over and over again where successful executives fall into the same trap & remain single for years. Robyn’s advice is to put aside the time necessary to find real love. Treat it like it’s a business deal and invest the right amount of time and effort. This will not happen unless your fully committed to the dating process. There will be ups and downs and there will be times when you think it’s all too hard but eventually your efforts will pay dividends. Essentially, you have to give it your best shot and keep on working at it. It’s all part of the relationship journey!

Robyn adds: “remember if you have had a good or at least reasonable date with someone last night (even if there was a wine or two involved) don’t dismiss them as not good enough or up to your standards, upon reflection the next morning. Give it time and try to nurture what could be a fantastic relationship’.

For more tips on getting out of the dating slump for professional contact us here at Executive Match.