What to do if there’s just no chemistry on that first date

It happens to all of us. The expectation is there, you have chatted on the phone, you’ve done your make up, got that hair cut or bought that new outfit for the date hoping that this will finally be the one. We have all been there in the online dating world but what the hell do you do when you finally meet one another and there’s absolutely no chemistry.

You have all these thoughts going through your head and al you want to do is escape but you can’t because you have to be polite. Basically, you have to suck it up and stay the full hour and do your very best not to show your disappointment. While your sitting there you wonder what went wrong? He or she sounded so great on the phone and from their photo they looked great. But, alas there’s absolutely zero chemistry. Basically, you don’t really fancy them.

So, the team at Executive Match has compiled a list of 5 things to do on your date to be polite while there is no chemistry.

# 1: Make sure you maintain interested in the conversation and keep on asking the other person questions to show your at least keen on getting to know them a bit better. You don’t want to appear rude by completely shutting down.

# 2: If you have met at a café and are just doing the coffee thing and the other party wants to progress it to a dinner politely refuse saying that you have made alternative arrangements. Last, thing you want to be doing is sending out the wrong message especially if there’s no chemistry.

# 3: Don’t order that extra glass or wine. Leave it there and say you are driving and you can’t have any more. Don’t get tipsy hoping that the alcohol will somehow miraculously create the chemistry you crave.

# 4: If it’s getting unbearable the best thing you can do is to repeatedly look at your watch and say that you have to be somewhere else. They should at this point get the hint.

# 5: If your totally loosing it and can’t bear to see the date to it’s inevitable conclusion then you have to be upfront and tell them that it’s just not working and you want to leave. Honesty at this point is really the best option.

The above scenario is generally what happens when you use dating websites and are dating en masse and it’s purely a numbers game. This happens all the time when people are doing tinder, bumble or rsvp. Things may look great on the surface pre the meeting but once you meet it’s an absolute disaster.

This is why using a dating agency like us at Executive Match is such a great idea. Why? Because we screen everyone we meet so you are meeting someone that is perfectly matched to your lifestyle, age, profession and looks. There are many other matchmakers out there who won’t show you the photo of your prospective date BUT the advantage of using Executive Match is that you not only get to read their profiles but you see the picture as well. We know for a fact that there are many Sydney and Melbourne matchmakers that will only give you the profile without the photo meaning your essentially going on a blind date. This is not on and this is not the way we operate. So if you’ve had enough of those disaster dates and you want to step up and make the decision to do something serious with your love life talk to us today.