Millionaire matchmakers do exist and are becoming more popular as people find they are time poor and cannot find their partner through traditional online dating websites. Single people are becoming increasingly fed up, wasting time and becoming really disillusioned with their search for a partner so they turn to us; the Millionaire Matchmaker.

The role of a millionaire matchmaker whether men seeking women or women seeking men is to search their extensive database of clients and match people up who are all highly successful professionals or business people. Essentially, they are at the top of their game and are able to afford a matchmaking service where most of the clients are actually millionaires who all want to the same thing; a partner

I know in Sydney and Melbourne with the property boom going full steam ahead there are now lot’s of millionaires but a matchmakers role is to find these single, eligible and very wealthy individuals and introduce them to each other. Basically, if they are on the hunt for a partner we will do our very best to help them find one. That’s our role as an elite matchmaking agency and we must boast that we are really good at what we do.

The Millionaire Matchmaker service goes well beyond the evident to examine your personal needs, your likes, what your really wanting out of a relationship and then go about helping you find someone are attractive, intelligent and in your socio economic space.

Like most successful millionaires, you are busy, time poor and focused on your career or business. The last thing you want to be doing is hanging at bars trying to find someone. You are so over this scene and it’s why you turn to us for help. Our Millionaire Matchmaker service is designed to help you expand your social circles and ultimately find real love. We have so many millionaires as clients that it’s just a matter of time before we are able to match you up with your equal.

Australia’s Millionaire Matchmaker service, found with Executive Match, has over 12 years of experience and we are seriously good at pairing like minded millionaires, professional singles and executives up.

millionaire matchmaker sydney

Do matchmakers work?

Definitely! They really work, especially if you are prepared to engage the services of an agency like ours at Executive Match. As the name suggests we only work with executives and people who meet our very strict and rigid screening process and yes of course you have to be prepared to pay a premium for this service. Why? Because we have the very best of the best on our books and we have lots and lots of eligible single millionaires who are keen to not only meet their partner but to eventually turn a date into a serious relationship. A meeting with our millionaire matchmaker is all you need to be fully confident that we know what we are doing when it comes to pairing millionaire men and women up.

If your in Sydney or Melbourne and your looking for our Millionaire Matchmaking service and know you will meet our criteria, please contact us via the inquiry form on this website. We have offices in the CBD so we make it really easy for you to pop on in for a quick chat on your lunch break or after work.