Important Rules for Men who are dating in their 40’s

There are so many reasons why professional men in their 40’s are still single. They may be focused on their career, are workaholics or may have been recently separated. Many of these men who have reached the pinnacle of their careers or bus9iness life now find that they need a new challenge or find that they have more spare time on their hands and are looking for a partner to join them. For most men this is not as simple as it used to be when they were teenagers or in their 20’s. Tomes have changed and so has the way people meet and date each other. For guys in their 40’s who are serious about finding love they need to take a look at themselves and their situation and make certain changes if they are going to attract the right partner.

A lot of guys will simply get discouraged and put it in the too hard basket and simply wait to bump into someone. This is not the way to go and meeting the love of your life will not happen with this attitude. It’s the digital revolution now and dating has shifted to meeting people online or finding a matchmaker online who can introduce you to the right person for a fee. If your in your 40’s or 50’s this latter method is probably the best way forward.

You now have so many new ways and opportunities meet women as you never have before. So following are 5 golden tips for guys in their 40’s and 50’s who want to start dating again and meet Ms Right.

Forget about your divorce. You really have to forget about the past before you can even think about moving forward with someone in the future. If you still love your ex-wife or are in the middle of a nasty divorce or perhaps there was an unfortunate death you have to get well over this and make sure it’s behind you. Being bitter of angry and keeping this baggage with you n your dates is not a good start. It will show and the women you are trying to meet will pick up on this cynicism or aggression. Ideally, you want to be baggage free and ready to accept someone new in your life. You will feel much better if you have this attitude. The sooner you deal with it, the better.

Know exactly what you want. There are a lot of guys who want a full love life. The children have either left or are with their mother and it’s now time to try and meet someone new. The issue is they are really not sure what they are wanting or looking for. Do they want a sexual partner or someone they can hang out with as a friend? There are no issues with knowing what you want and your priorities may and most likely have changed over the years. Think carefully about this before you start the process of trying to meet someone. Remember you have to be really honest with yourself. Some decisions might be hard to make but being truthful here will set you up nicely for the future. Last thing you want to do is make another mistake or go down the wrong path. If you are confident with what you want, women will definitely find this more appealing.

Be proud of your age. You’re a mature guy and there is no hiding this. You have seen a lot of things and most likely experienced more than others half your age. Be proud of your age and own up to it. If you try to hide this fact that you are in your 40’s or 50’s to women in the hope that you will be more attractive then you are not being realistic. It’s setting false expectations and laying the foundations for failure. If you want to meet women who are down to earth then be real about your age. If they are after a toy boy then they are not the right match. Use age as a tool to your advantage. Think about all your accomplishments and use it to your advantage. Your probably a very successful man who has achieved a lot over the last 2 to 3 decades. Be proud of this fact and what you have done.

Get fit! As you grow older you are going to start to loose muscle density. You need to slow down this process and you need to also remain highly flexible. Hit the gym, go for a swim and make sure you incorporate some yoga into your life. This will strengthen your core as well as your mind. If you have let yourself go and are out of shape you need to turn things around before you start hitting the dating scene. You need to start feeling better about yourself and more confident about who you are. Training, eating healthy, getting 8 hours sleep a day will be the first step in creating the new you!

Get a matchmaker. Forget about large dating websites like RSVP or Tinder. These are for the 20 year olders and as a professional guy you need to meet the right type of lady. This is a really important step and you should not waste time or money on sites that don’t work. A matchmaker will be able to assess your personality and match it to the right kind or women. They will also be able to council you before you go on you date and help guide you through this process.

These five fantastic dating tips for men are only the very beginning. You should start on these as soon as you can to begin turning your life around. These are small steps but gradually as you get the hang of it you will be able to make more positive life changing decisions for yourself. You’ll start to feel a lot better about yourself, and the women in your life that you attract will be so much more on your page.