How to Impress on a First Date

So you have decided to stop wasting your valuable time and engage the services of a professional Matchmaking Agency. Hopefully you have done a little bit of research on the agency and or been referred by friends or family. A reputable and professional agency should have given you some coaching to bring your image up to scratch, giving you the added confidence for an enjoyable and successful first encounter. Beyond all that, here are a few simple tips that you should try to impress into your image while playing the dating game. These tips can be used in both the interview process with dating agency when they need to find out more information about you, to make sure they pair you with the most suitable candidates and also when you’re out on that nerve racking first date!!

First of all it’s paramount that you make yourself likeable. As human beings we seek the accolades, adoration and praises of our friends, families and peers, in general we like to be liked. Just as is commonly the case in business, we as employees, managers or maybe company directors, much prefer to engage in business with people that we like and trust. Likability comes through knowing someone, spending time with them and building mutual confidence and trust.

In a dating scenario we can often make a judgment as to whether we like someone or not within just a few short minutes. Try to show empathy to your date and make them know you are just like them in some ways, maybe referring to the difficulty of the whole dating process. Here you are taking sides with your date in a battle against what is a mutual enemy, pay particular attention to what he or she dislikes, it may be a topic referring to the environment or preferred political party or maybe just their favorite color, try to align your image to theirs based on their character traits.
Try to be pleasant and agreeable on topics they raise or any points of matter, show compassion and real interest, by doing this you will be displaying qualities that make you more likeable.

It’s also a plus if you can be a little unique when it comes to formatting your dating profile with your chosen dating agency. Make sure you provide a nice but more importantly current photo, don’t provide an older profile photo, maybe when you were a few pounds lighter, after all this will dissolve any trust which is what you are trying to build. And when it comes to telling your story don’t divulge every little detail as though you’re writing your own auto-biography, share enough of your own personal details but keep something for the date night. For instance you maybe you will not disclose some or all of your hobbies or maybe a community based charity that you are involved in, displaying a caring and generous side to your character that they were completely unaware of. Maybe you speak more than one language and you can tell your date they look beautiful or handsome in a second language, sure to be an interesting point to elaborate on and create an interesting conversation.

If you get stuck for conversation, relax take a breath and think about the things that are close to your heart, the things you most love doing and that have moldered you into the person you are today. These topics will be easier for you to talk about, as it comes from the heart and your date should pick up on this, showing to them you are transparent and real. Referring back to child memories and adventures of misfortune or mischief are often funny and real, we were all young once after all, this will bring out the human side you.

Whatever you do don’t confess your deepest, darkest secrets on your first or for that matter, even fifth date. It’s ok to reveal something private that only you and maybe a few close to you know about you. This should help to add a little spice to things and make your date more curious about you, but in a good way. And it won’t hurt to say things that others may not have the gusto to do, without going overboard, this will help you to stand out from the crowd, making you the date that was unique and different, ultimately this will make you memorable to the person whose heart you are trying to capture