How Much Does a Dating Agency or Matchmaker Cost?

dating agnecy sydney

The cost for getting a dating agency or matchmaker in Australia to introduce you to a man or women can vary greatly depending on the type of service you are after or the kind of person you want to meet.

It really comes down to the respective dating agency and to put this bluntly you really get what you pay for.

Let’s start by outlining exactly what a matchmaker does. Essentially, their role once you signup with them, is to introduce you to another person who shares similar interests, goals, values and is more in line with your socio–economic standing. Matchmakers, especially in large cities like Sydney and Melbourne are now becoming more common as an ageing population starts to find themselves as singles. Put simply their role is to find you are partner.

You might be asking why can’t you just go online and register with the multitude of dating sites and apps? Well, many people do, but there is a percentage of the population that do not want to go down this path and prefer someone to do the leg work for them. It’s a fantastic service for those people who have tried these types of sites without any success.

In terms of costs they can be broken down into two categories.

The cheap and cheerful dating agency: These would generally charge you around $1000 – $2500 and you would end up getting roughly 4-5 introductions. They generally have a policy where they will they will accept any client with the promise of introducing them to gorgeous, fabulous people but in reality these matchmakers are just money machines and are after a quick sale. They will say almost anything to get you to sign up with them but the reality is you are unlikely to meet the right person. Why? Because they have a take any one on board mantra and they rely on volume. Essentially, they will get you to go on as many dates as you can very quickly so you resign up with them again and pay more money. Occasionally, there are successes but overall it’s a churn and burn approach to matchmaking.

The executive or professional dating agency: These dating agencies charge between $5000-$7500 and because of the high value placed on signing up they will generally get a more professional clientele who can afford to part with this type of money to meet someone. The advantage of using an elite dating or matchmaking service like this is that most people here are in a certain economic bracket and therefore the pair ups are more likely to work. After all if you are matching apples with apples the outcome is more likely to succeed. You will find that most of the men and women in this category are either professional or successful business owners who have recently become single and are now looking at meeting someone in the hope of finding a partner.

Another advantage of paying a bit more is that your matchmaker is going to put more time and effort into finding you a partner as opposed to those cheaper agencies that will not put the energy into finding you a partner because they simply are not being paid enough.

Imaging your an executive and are on a good salary and you have just become recently single (divorce, break up etc) and you are keen to meet someone. Now, just think about paying $1000 for 5 dates. It just won’t work. The chances are you will meet someone who is not even remotely what your looking for. This just puts a dent in your enthusiasm to meet someone and may end up keeping you single for longer. It basically works against you. Ideally you want to be matched with like for like.

As the saying goes: ‘pay peanuts you get monkeys’. This is also very true when it comes to dating agencies. If you can afford it and you are really serious about meeting someone then make sure you go down the path of choosing a professional matchmaker.

Cheap and cheerful agencies can work and are generally great if your in your 20’s or early 30’s. If your in your mid to late 30’s, 4o’s, 50’s and beyond I strongly suggest paying just that bit more for a far far better result.

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