Below are some of common frequently asked questions that professional, executive singles looking for a special relationship ask the Executive Match matchmakers team:

How do you match your clients and members?

There are a number of factors that we take into consideration and we get all the necessary information from you in our initial meeting. We learn what you current status is, your preferences, the type of person you are looking for as well. Plus having years of experience in this industry gives us a good feel for the type of person you are and the type of match we have for you. The first meeting is roughly 60 minutes and in that time we get to learn a whole bunch of interesting facts about you. Our dating radar will then be able to determine who is the right match for you.

How will you protect my privacy?

Protecting your privacy is a huge priority to us. We see thousands of people yet we never divulge any personal details or information about you. We fully respect your privacy. From business owners through to industry leaders we know you value your privacy and are therefore keen to protect it.

I date frequently, why would I pay a matchmaker to meet someone?

Executive Match clients do not have any trouble finding dates, plus there are so many dating websites online that are so easy to join. But, our elite clients simply do not have the time or the energy to put into trawling the web for dates. If you are a successful individual and you want to meet your equal then why wouldn’t you go to a professional consultant to help you on this journey? This is why a matchmaker is so perfect. It bridges the gap and can help you find a eligible partner a lot quicker than you could. Plus we have an extensive database of people who, like you are seriously looking for a partner. Executive Match is more than just a executive dating site; it frees up your time, takes the stress and headache away from finding a partner and helps you to make the perfect choice about such an vital part of your future.

Is this a safe way to meet people?

We are all about safety and this is why we conduct an extensive interview and thorough screening process before we introduce you to someone. It’s this type of  screening process that you can’t get from online dating websites. Through Executive Match, you only meet the most compatible, serious and responsible men and women. We eliminate game players.

What type of people are member?

Our clients are all successful individuals, they are high achievers and can afford to pay for our service. Basically, you are meeting heads of industry, professionals from all walks of life and successful business owners. These men and women are busy yet want someone in their lives and are prepared to pay us for our matchmaking service.

How long does my membership last?

Our membership lasts 12 months and in that time you can expect to be introduced to many people.

What happens after a date?

We get feedback from both parties and relay the information to you. If the date did not turn out as expected we will endeavour to find out why and then organise another for you.

Why use Executive Match

Most Executive Match clients don’t have the time or the energy into dating random strangers. We make sure we build a solid and close relationship with you to make sure that we can provide you with the best match possible. Our screening and interview processes ensure that we match ‘like for like’ so you are not wasting your time or energy.

In other words, it’s not all about quantity, but rather we make sure that we match you up with a  quality men or women – it’s all part of the  dating experience

We have read some bad press about matchmakers – how do we know you are legitimate.

All we can say is come in for an interview and you will see why we are different. We are one of Sydney’s and Melbourne’s most respected agencies and we are confident that after your first meeting all your suspicions will be put at ease. We have offices in the CBD so we make it nice and easy for you to come in for an informal no-obligation chat on your lunch break or when ever suits you best.

Why should I use your service when Tinder & Bumble are so cheap?

Because these apps are all about quantity over quality. You have to go on an enormous amount of dates and spend a lot of your time meeting people with fake profiles and old photos that you don’t connect with and your not interested in. It’s a huge disappointment when you meet them for the first time as they look nothing like their photos. Plus most of the guys on Tinder are after a fling. With Executive Match we screen these people out before you meet them.


If you have any other questions please fill out the enquiry from and Robyn will get back to you asap!