First Date Nerves- what to do?

If you are going on your first date and are feeling nervous you are not alone. This is really common and probably the best advice the team here at Executive Match can give you is do not panic. I know it’s hard and you are probably dreading it but remember the person you are meeting is going to be a bit nervous as well. So following are some tips and tricks to help you relax before your big first date.

#1: Try to deep breath. Relax and try to visualise something calm. Get your head space into a place where you feel comfortable. Try to visualise this while slowly breathing in and out. Do this for a couple of minutes before you meet. You will be amazed by what a simple breathing exercise can do for your state of mind and nerves.

# 2: Basically, don’t over think it. Just treat it as having a bit of fun and do not take it too seriously. This is not life or death. You are just meeting a person, who like you has joined a matchmaking agency and is looking for the same thing. You are both on the same page so take control and have some fun.

# 3: Avoid lot’s of caffeine before you meet. This could make you jittery and over anxious. Try drinking some tea instead.

# 4: If your freaking out and don’t think you can go through with it ( perhaps this is your first date or first time doing something like this), try going to the gym beforehand for a work out. This will relieve some of the tension and put you in a more calm state.

# 5: Sleep well the night before. Try not to have a big night so you arrive at the date hung over. This is not a good look and you will probably not be looking your best.

# 6: I know this is a bit ‘stalker’ like but if you have their number do a bit of a Google search to find out a bit about them. Check out their LinkedIn profile and see where they have worked. If you feel that you are going to be stuck for conversation tell them directly that you looked them up on social media and perhaps talk about their past jobs. They will appreciate your honesty and perhaps find you a bit more interesting that you have gone to all the effort to find out more about them.

# 7: Wear deodorant! If your nervous you are going to sweat. Make sure your under arms are fully sprayed with a deodorant. You do not want to start smelling bad – this will only make matters worse as you start to worry about your body odour as well. Wear some perfume or aftershave as well.

# 8: If none of this is working and you are a complete mess before meeting the potential future love of your life then there is one last thing that you can do; drink. Yes, not recommended to get totally sloshed on your first date, but a glass of wine or a beer will do wonders in calming those first date jitters. There’s nothing wrong with this and most people expect you to be nervous so go on and order a drink. What ever you do, never over do it and hit it hard. Not ideal for making appositive first impression.

So follow these helpful tips to calm you down before the date. Remember, you are here to have fun so treat it that way.