If you have been out of the dating game for a long time and need some tips and help to get you through the dating process then following are some really good tips for guys to learn, remember and apply when they are out there dating. It’s not easy if you have been in a relationship for a long time and are a little rusty on dating etiquette, but these tips are golden and they are written by women who are experts at dating.

First impressions count. Don’t wear your track suit pants or those ripped jeans. Save those for your mates. She will sum you up very quickly and you need to be wearing very smart, yet casual gear and make sure you have shaved. Also, and this should be a no brainer but wear some deodorant. If you are the sweaty type make sure you have after shave and a good dose of deodorant. If you look good, dress well and smell great you are on your way to making a great first impression.

Make plans to meet in a place where you are going to feel comfortable. Perhaps go to a café that you know well or a local pub. It’s stressful enough going on a date so make sure the environment is relaxed and casual. If it’s a regular hang out for you even better. Get there 10 minutes earlier so you can relax and get into the dating zone. You don’t want to be rushing there and arrive all flustered.

Be very confident without being arrogant or pushy. Women love men that take control and exude an air of confidence. If you have used a matchmaker for this introduction, then you have paid a decent amount of money for this service. You are probably a business owner or professional who is in control during the work environment. Take this attitude and confidence to the date. Being meek and mild will get your no where. Show that you are in control and that you are a serious person. Don’t try to be too funny or out of character to impress. They will see right through this façade.

Don’t over drink. Stick (if you really feel like having a drink) to 1 or 2. You don’t want to loosen up too much on your first date.

Do not do all the talking. Listen to what she has to say and engage her in polite conversation. Being too chatty or dominating the conversation and making it all about yourself is a big turn off for her. Ask a lot of questions about her to make her feel as though you are really interested.

Try not to discuss past relationships or bad mouth your ex wife, girlfriend or partner. Take a positive and happy approach to the date and it will pay off. Being negative about past relationships will only paint you in a bad light.

Keep your phone off. Don’t make any calls or answer any emails. This shows a lack of respect. We know your a busy professional or executive and are used to being on the phone but for the sake of the date going well, break the habit for a couple of hours.

Make sure you pay the bill. Be a gentleman and refuse if she offers to pay half.

If you like her and have had a good time follow this up with a quick SMS or call that day. She will appreciate the feedback. Avoid playing games by not contacting her for days. Remember you are both adults and communication is going to be key to keeping this newly founded relationship happy and moving in a positive direction. If you don’t call her for say a week, she will think your not interested and you may be blowing a fantastic opportunity.

So you have read all our great tips and you have your date all lined up. Next is to take a deep breath, chill out and try to enjoy the next hour or so on your date. It’s all about having fun and being yourself.