Since 2005, Executive Match has been the premier dating service for Sydney singles.


If you are seriously looking for a committed relationship where there are no game players then we are here to help. Our dating service is all about finding and matching eligible singles who are either time poor, fed up with the dating world, tried dating apps without success, all their friends are married or simply want their privacy.

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The Executive Match Dating Service  Difference

If you are looking for a Sydney dating service that can help you find the chemistry you’ve always wanted in a partner then Robyn at Executive Match is the prefect matchmaker.

Having been in the dating agency business since 2005, Robyn can guarantee you a few things as your dating service partner:

– you are going to meet like minded real people who all have the same goals – to meet a partner so they can have a serious relationship.

– all our clients in Sydney are fully screened so your meeting a person that’s has an up to date photo and profile – there are no fakes here.

– we will guide you through the whole dating process and correspond with you after your date to give you honest feedback and let you know what your date thought about you. You don’t have to sit their wondering what they’re thinking about you or if they liked you. Sometimes dating can be a bit like going back to your ‘teenage years’ so we take all the uncertainty and guess work out.

– over a decades experience in the dating service industry means we know what makes people click, what they’re looking for and what they’re not. This means we can match ‘apples with apples’.

– you can call Robyn (1300 553 510) anytime and get some dating tips, dating & relationship advice  – great for people that have been out of the dating scene for a long time & are struggling to get their mojo back.

– unlike so many online dating sites and other dating services where you have to do all the hard work, we actually enjoy the whole dating process and love being able to help you write your profile and set you up ready to go on your first date.

Basically, we love what we do and it shows in the way we interact with you. You will see it from our first phone call!

‘Robyn was fantastic and from the moment I met her I knew I was in good hands. Se’s caring, has a great sense of humour, answered all my calls and emails PLUS she is really good at her job – was on the first date in less than a week’.

Fran R – Paddington, Sydney


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Why so many single & successful people in Sydney need a dating service.

As the internet becomes more popular and the number of dating apps and dating sites grows, we are now seeing more people use our dating service and far a really good reason. They simply don’t work as well as they are all hyped up to be.

Plus, people are fed up and exhausted spending countless hours swiping left and right on apps like Tinder and Bumble. It’s a massive waste of time and the results are often so disappointing. The chances of actually connecting with someone are remote.

If you have ever been on a Tinder or Bumble date you will hear a common thread with stories like; they have been on heaps of dates but the guys or girls they have met either don’t look like their profile, they were weird or didn’t match up to the expectations that were created on the first phone chat. The list of complaints goes on and on!

This is where our dating service steps in. We take the headache, disappointment, hassle and drudgery out of dating S. Our dating service offers successful people a way to meet without it all being a chore.


Often people will put their love life or dating on hold simply because they have tried numerous dating sites without any luck. Basically, they’ve given up and put it all in the too hard basket.  This is absolute madness when they’re so many single people (all successful) like you looking to meet their partner, their equal & fall in love.

So you can forget about all those lonely nights at homes watching Netflix or weekends spent alone  as our Sydney dating service will find you someone to meet quickly.

Call Robyn on 1300 553 510 and be proactive about your love life today!

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