We know that you’re a successful business man or women and have reached the top in your field. Basically, you’re a very busy professional dedicated to your work. But, you still need time to find love and keep that flame burning bright. This can prove very difficult in today’s fast paced work orientated environment. Sure you can start a relationship with someone you have met through a matchmaker but the trick here is to keep the romance alive and not to become consumed by your work.

Even if your totally happy with the way the relationship is going you still have to put time, effort and a great deal of your energy into keeping the 2 of you together. There are certain things you can do to keep the momentum of the relationship moving in a forward and positive direction. Whether it’s a date night, going to the movies, having a dinner together, going away for the weekend or even something as simple as a long phone chat, you have to make the time and dedicate it to the other person.

If you are prepared to put in the effort you will see the relationship blossom into what is hopefully a long term partnership.

Essentially, it’s possible to have a successful career and relationship if you make certain changes to your behaviour. You will and I will emphasise the point here, you must change your ways and set time aside for the relationship component. If you don’t do this or are prepared to accept the status quo then this is going to make things a lot harder for both you are your partner.

Having said all that following are a few tips for busy professionals keep the flame burning strongly:

Put time aside for a date. Don’t do this for the sake of it or as a gesture. Make sure you keep the date and put lots of effort into it. We understand your both tired after a busy day or you have to deal with the kids on the weekend but plan an easy dinner, somewhere casual where both of you can relax, unwind and enjoy the moment. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a dinner, it can be as simple as grabbing a quick drink after work or meeting for coffee at lunch. The point here is that the 2 of you are together strengthening your bonds. If you work in Sydney or Melbourne’s CBD there are heaps of places you can meet. Trick here is to plan a couple of days ahead and do not make any appointments that will clash with this. You can cancel 1 or 2 times but any more will start to fracture the relationship.

Be affectionate when you can. Surprise your partner with a hug or kiss and tell them how much you like or love them and show your gratitude to them. Perhaps even a small gift even though it’s not their birthday. Random gestures of affection will go a long way in keeping the flame alive. A good idea is to invite them to your place and cook them a home meal!! Make sure you pick up their favourite dessert or snack on your way home from work. This is a real treat and they will love you for this.

Make time for the person everyday even if it’s just a couple of minutes. Getting complacent and falling into a routine is very easy. If your both really busy it’s important to find the time to speak to each other during the day. Give yourself 5-10 minutes in a quiet room where you can devote all your attention to that person.

Try not to talk about work too much when you get home. Work probably plays an important part of your life and you have been absorbed by it for many years but leave it at work. Park your issues, clients etc at the office and come home with a clear mind and ready to engage with your partner in a relaxed state. If you thinking this is too hard, perhaps it’s a good idea to have a glass of wine to settle down a bit. The point here is to be 100% attentive to your partner.

These are just a few tips to help all you busy execs out there. Stick to these and the romance will stay alive.

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