Why Tinder is such a waste of time.

For those of you who are swiping left and right with Tinder and finding that the only thing your getting out of this is a sore finger then you are like countless other people who are wasting all this time and effort on Tinder. Basically, it’s a huge waste of time and the chances of you finding any real love or a partner out there on this app is really slim. So if you are a single man in Sydney or Melbourne or a single women in Sydney or Melbourne then it’s time you actually did something constructive about finding a partner online That is, you should be using the services of a professional dating agency who will be able to help you find real and true love without the false and demoralising Tinder fad.

Yes, that’s all it is! It’s a fad and nothing else. Sure, it’s fun to scroll through the hundreds of pictures and people but have you ever just stopped for one second and actually thought about what your doing. Behind all those photos that your discarding (based purely on the physical appearance of someone) could lie a beautiful person. This is the downside and the purely baseless core of Tinder and we at Executive Match can clearly understand why this has been such a failure in helping people match.

We are not saying for one minute that Tinder will not appeal and will not be the perfect solution for some like minded people ( for those in their late teens and early twenties), but if you’re a time poor executive who has the means and resources to put into finding a life long partner then the answer is clearly using a matchmaker in Sydney or a matchmaker in Melbourne. Then and only then will you find love and a real partner. Hoping to get this through an app that is demeaning to both men and women alike is a pipe dream. It’s just not going to happen and the chances of a match are nearly zero.

Wouldn’t it be better to focus your energies and attention to things that will bring in real happiness. Obviously, Tinder has the reputation as a hook up site and this is world wide. But this is a fallacy and completely untrue. Most younger guys on here are looking for a one night stand yet the women are looking for a relationship. So how on earth is this going to work. The guys deny that they use the site purely for sex but the reality is they are! Just ask most women who are on Tinder some of the experiences they have had and they will agree to this fact; it’s a hook up site for men and the women (except a very small percentage) want to find a real man who is serious about a relationship. It just doesn’t work. Our advice is to not waste your time and let so many good people slip away. Be proactive about your love life and get the hell off Tinder!

The Advantages of using a Matchmaking Agency

In today’s fast paced world our lives are often consumed with the overwhelming need to focus on our careers. The corporate world has become extremely competitive where employees find themselves working extremely long hours to satisfy their career goals and their manager’s demands for results. Travel times to and from the office have increased and employees leisure time diminished, the stress of meeting mortgage, car and rental payments takes precedence over the opportunity for social and romantic interaction between those with a full time career and more often than not the idea of a romantic interlude ends up taking the back seat.

There is a whole confusing world of dating websites and applications including social media that can be used as a tool to meet your perfect date or potential future partner. Trying to find the right person to settle down with can be a little stressful to say the least and take up an immense amount of your precious relaxation time. There is an array of potential nightmare problems associated with using some of these platforms. Firstly you never know if the persons profile picture is actually the person you’re in deep discussion with, revealing all of your personal information and potentially putting yourself in harm’s way. You can waste hours upon hours messaging backwards and forwards and then realizing you may have nothing in common or you realize this person just weird’s you out!

So wouldn’t it be worth employing the services of a Professional Matchmaking Company, it certainly has its merits. There are loads of advantages in doing this; firstly you will save lots of precious time, a commodity you don’t have much of. Second your likelihood of finding a more suitable partner is far higher. Your personal information will remain secure and you won’t be wasting hours upon hours of your time heading down the wrong road.
A professional matchmaking organization should be easy to find on the internet, maybe just enter “matchmaker” or “executive singles” in your search engine to reveal some of them, it’s good to consider those that have a higher ranking and come up on the top of the list, these will be most reputable and most commonly engaged for their services.

These professional matchmaking companies like us at Executive Match will have an extensive data base of individuals seeking other like minded individuals with honest intentions of finding romance and a potential life partner. These companies success is based on pairing individuals with other individuals based on your likes, dislikes, desires, dreams and expectations of the perfect partner and if you do find your perfect match then they have been successful. And of course friends and family are going to ask “how did you meet” and your more than likely to be truthful in your answer as it was a positive experience with the perfect outcome, just the advertising a professional matchmaking company would love to hear.

And you don’t need to be apprehensive about being honest in revealing your personal information to a stranger you don’t know who may have questionable intentions. The company will always keep your personal data and personal profile information very safe and only disclose this to the candidates recommended to you by the agency. This process in itself delivers you directly only to candidates that are highly suitable, thus the potential strike rate for a successful match is significantly higher and another huge plus is not wasting your precious time. Sure, not every encounter set up by the agency may end in wedding bells but at least you will be much more likely to meet more suitable candidates.
And if your confidence is a little low, which is perfectly normal when all your time is allocated to your career and you’re a little out of practice on the romance side of things, then the agency can help restore that confidence with some one on one coaching. This will help you achieve the image you want and give you back any lost Mojo.

Many dating sites promise amazing results, but few really deliver. As a successful professional, you are a high level performer and you are used to achieving your goals, so why would you settle for anything less when it comes to dating. By engaging in a “Professional Matchmaking Agency” you will be at your very best, to meet the best possible partners and say goodbye to loneliness and hello to happiness!!