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Elite Singles

Are you looking for Elite Singles in Sydney or Melbourne? Are you over the whole dating scene and want to find the right Elite Partner? Well your in luck! Executive Match and our team of Elite Single Matchmakers will help you find your perfect partner.

Executive Match is a professional matchmaking and dating agency that combines our skills and matchmaking ability to bring professionals and Elite Singles together. Our Elite Singles know they are a really good catch and know that they are the very best of the best. But, unfortunately like so many successful Elite Singles they simply don’t have the time to find true love.

They might have tried a few online dating site sin the past without much success and are now ready to commit to the process of finding their Elite Singles match.

So, we provide 100% world class matchmaking services in Sydney & Melbourne that lead to all our men and women clients finding long-term real love. This is not a quick fix throw as many dates as you can at the person in the hope that one will stick. We know how other agencies operate with a scatter gun approach to their matchmaking service. Many Elite Singles and Elite Introduction sites work on the philosophy of a churn and burn approach where matches are facilitated in a ‘cookie cutter’ style approach.


We are different because we actually put in the time to get to know you, understand your personality and what will be the best Elite Singles fit for your requirements. There are so many horror stories & reviews going around about dating agencies not doing as they say or not providing quality matches.

You will find that with Executive Match we screen all our clients individually based on a strict set of criteria. If they match it we take them on and if they don’t then they can’t make our Elite Singles list. We then analyse each person personality, age, income and match like for like.

This is why our Elite Singles are the very best in Sydney and Melbourne. So give our head matchmaker Liz a call or shoot her an email and we will get back to you that same day. Just imagine how good it will feel that you’ve made the first step towards finding a partner and that your in the capable hands of someone that truly cares. This  is why we are the right dating agency in Sydney and Melbourne.

What other Elite Single Agencies do

  • Treat you like a number and match you with anyone
  • Spend little or no time understanding  what you want
  • Poor contact and lack of post date feedback
  • Over charge and under deliver and be completely inflexible with the number of dates you get
  • Promise you that they have found the perfect person yet when you meet them you are really disappointed

What Executive Match will do for you

  • Meet you and get to know exactly what your looking for and work hard to find the right Elite Single
  • Be proactive in our communication with you
  • Be flexible with the number of dates you receive
  • You deal with the owner of the company and not an account manager
  • Listen carefully to your post date feedback and strive to find you the best partner possible on your next date based on what you have told us