Why am I successful, but still single?

Are you at the peak of your career? Have you got a successful business that you have worked on for years? Are you independent financially and achieved all your goals? Then why are you still single? Why, after achieving all the success in your career and business have you not been able to find true love in your life? Are you thinking what’s wrong with me?

You are always meeting new people through work, events, functions and the occasional blind date the your friends have set up for you. But, while all your mates are getting married and falling in love you seem to be the last man or woman standing. Essentially, you cannot find your ‘plus one’!

The question still remains in your mind, why and I still alone and why am I still single after all these years. I’m a go-getter, I’m successful but why has this part of my life so eluded me? We’ll don’t despair as there are many people in the same boat as you and as work commitments and the pace of life gets faster this list keeps on growing of eligible single men and single women who cannot find a partner.

So, why am I still single?

 Following are some reasons why you may still be single:

Your too fussy: successful people not only set extremely high standards for themselves but they will expect to see these very high standards on the people they meet. You are probably very quick to spot certain characteristics & idiosyncrasies in the person sitting opposite you ( because you have been trained in this in your business life) and can therefore be very quick to judge or dismiss them. If they don’t live up to your high expectations then they are simply gone. Put simply, your far too fussy.

Your too busy: You have that luncheon appointment or business meeting that you simply can’t put off or that trip to Melbourne to meet the new supplier. Whatever it is, your on the go 24/7, thinking about business. This leaves you little time to invest in one important area of your life; your love life. And this is why your still single and this is where our service as a discreet professional matchmaker comes in handy.

All your friends are married or with a partner: You mix in certain circles that are full of couples which limits your exposure to single men or women.

You spend a lot of time on useless dating apps that never produce results. We all know Tinder, Bumble & RSVP but why are you still on them when they have delivered nothing but disappointment over the years.

All of the above make it nearly impossible for you to meet the right person according to one of Australia’s leading matchmakers Robyn, at Executive Match. Over the last decade she has seen the same scenario play over and over again where successful executives fall into the same trap & remain single for years. Robyn’s advice is to put aside the time necessary to find real love. Treat it like it’s a business deal and invest the right amount of time and effort. This will not happen unless your fully committed to the dating process. There will be ups and downs and there will be times when you think it’s all too hard but eventually your efforts will pay dividends. Essentially, you have to give it your best shot and keep on working at it. It’s all part of the relationship journey!

Robyn adds: “remember if you have had a good or at least reasonable date with someone last night (even if there was a wine or two involved) don’t dismiss them as not good enough or up to your standards, upon reflection the next morning. Give it time and try to nurture what could be a fantastic relationship’.

For more tips on getting out of the dating slump for professional contact us here at Executive Match.

TOP 3 Tips to make a fantastic impression on your first date.

If you’re a novice to the dating scene or have been in a relationship and are a bit rusty when it comes to dating, Robyn our head matchmaker has put together her top 3 tips to make that first impression count.

1) What’s the first thing you see?

When you go on that first date what do you notice first? Is it their smile, grooming, the way the talk, present themselves or is it the overall package? I bet you didn’t know that it differs for men and women. Women will look at the man’s smile first off so make sure when you meet them for the first time your happy and smiling. Men as you have probably guessed will look at the women’s appearance or physique. Note that the persons hair or dress style does not really count when meeting for the first time.

First Date Tip:
It’s all about the smile and the appearance. So guys make sure your totally focused on smiling and girls make sure your look your absolute best. This may sound superficial but these are the cold hard facts when it comes to first impressions on a date so take notice of these.

2) What Should You Be Talking About?

What ever you do don’t get into politics or religion, steer well clear of these 2 topics on your first date. Stick to hobbies, travel, interests and a bit about your job or what you do for work. These topics are very common for both men and women. Make sure you let the conversation flow and don’t make it too rehearsed. Relax, go with the flow and don’t stress too much if there are quite pauses. Be confident in your delivery and try to add some humour into the conversation. Remember, this is all about having fun and enjoying meeting new people for the first time. Granted, this may be hard if you have been out of the dating scene for a while but that’s why we are here at Executive Match. We can help you navigate the nerves of those first few dates.

First Date Tip:

If you haven’t got a hobby then it would be a great idea to start one. Also, learn some relaxation techniques so your not loosing it or freaking out on your first date. Deep breath, count to 10 or do a yoga session before you meet!

3) What not to do on a First Date?

For men and women it’s pretty much the same and it’s probably best we put these in point form:

– don’t talk on your mobile pone unless it’s an emergency

– don’t go on and on about yourself, try to maintain interest and ask questions about the other person

– don’t drink too much and if the other party is getting tipsy it’s best you stay the sober one

– don’t talk too much about ex partners or you last break up

– don’t insist to pay. For the first date it’s a good idea to split the bill

First Date Tip:

Leave your mobile phone at home or in the car. The first date is all about the two of you and nothing else should matter for that encounter. For men be a good listener and take in everything she has to say. For the girls make sure you ask him loads of questions without it sounding like it’s an interview. Again, the conversation will flow naturally if there’s a connection & natural chemistry. Connections don’t always happen instantly. It can take time for the conversation to gather momentum, a natural flow so be aware of this and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be the life of the party in the first 10 minutes of meeting. Slow and steady is the name of the game here.

If your about to take the plunge into the world of dating then have a chat with Robyn at Executive Match. She’s your best wing women and will be able to help you get over those first date nerves.

What to do if there’s just no chemistry on that first date

It happens to all of us. The expectation is there, you have chatted on the phone, you’ve done your make up, got that hair cut or bought that new outfit for the date hoping that this will finally be the one. We have all been there in the online dating world but what the hell do you do when you finally meet one another and there’s absolutely no chemistry.

You have all these thoughts going through your head and al you want to do is escape but you can’t because you have to be polite. Basically, you have to suck it up and stay the full hour and do your very best not to show your disappointment. While your sitting there you wonder what went wrong? He or she sounded so great on the phone and from their photo they looked great. But, alas there’s absolutely zero chemistry. Basically, you don’t really fancy them.

So, the team at Executive Match has compiled a list of 5 things to do on your date to be polite while there is no chemistry.

# 1: Make sure you maintain interested in the conversation and keep on asking the other person questions to show your at least keen on getting to know them a bit better. You don’t want to appear rude by completely shutting down.

# 2: If you have met at a café and are just doing the coffee thing and the other party wants to progress it to a dinner politely refuse saying that you have made alternative arrangements. Last, thing you want to be doing is sending out the wrong message especially if there’s no chemistry.

# 3: Don’t order that extra glass or wine. Leave it there and say you are driving and you can’t have any more. Don’t get tipsy hoping that the alcohol will somehow miraculously create the chemistry you crave.

# 4: If it’s getting unbearable the best thing you can do is to repeatedly look at your watch and say that you have to be somewhere else. They should at this point get the hint.

# 5: If your totally loosing it and can’t bear to see the date to it’s inevitable conclusion then you have to be upfront and tell them that it’s just not working and you want to leave. Honesty at this point is really the best option.

The above scenario is generally what happens when you use dating websites and are dating en masse and it’s purely a numbers game. This happens all the time when people are doing tinder, bumble or rsvp. Things may look great on the surface pre the meeting but once you meet it’s an absolute disaster.

This is why using a dating agency like us at Executive Match is such a great idea. Why? Because we screen everyone we meet so you are meeting someone that is perfectly matched to your lifestyle, age, profession and looks. There are many other matchmakers out there who won’t show you the photo of your prospective date BUT the advantage of using Executive Match is that you not only get to read their profiles but you see the picture as well. We know for a fact that there are many Sydney and Melbourne matchmakers that will only give you the profile without the photo meaning your essentially going on a blind date. This is not on and this is not the way we operate. So if you’ve had enough of those disaster dates and you want to step up and make the decision to do something serious with your love life talk to us today.

7 Signs that your first date is going well

Going on your first date for a lot of people; even executives and professionals who are used to high pressured jobs and situation, can be really stressful. You do not know hat t he other person is thinking and if you have been out of the dating scene for a while this can be even harder trying to read the other persons signals. It can be horrible trying to second guess what the other person is thinking about you: do they like me, am I creating the right impression, do they think I’m attractive or handsome? With all these questions are swirling in your head during your first date you might end up having a bad time. If you have gone on the date because it has been set up by an introduction agency for men or women then you really want to make sure you get the most out of it and give yourself the very best chance of making it a success.

So, to make this easier for you following are recognisable signs that your date is going extremely well.

You are finding that the conversation is flowing easily. This means you are getting along. If you find that you are struggling to make conversation this is not a good sign. You will notice this by how quickly the time passes on the date. If you look at your watch and see that an hour has flown by then this is a great sign.

You are maintaining eye contact. This means that you are engaging with each other and again a very good indication that there is a connection. If you find it hard to maintain eye contact then something is a miss here and a sign that things are not going so great.

If you both decide that you would like to perhaps go for dinner after the initial coffee. That’s great as you want to immediately extend the date and turn it into something bigger like dinner.

You find that you have a lot of things in common. You both like the beach, travelling abroad, enjoy yoga or going sailing. Having something in common and finding that you are both into the same things is a great first start and should set some solid foundations for a relationship.

You find it easy being in their company. We have all been through uncomfortable situations and meeting where you get bored or are not on the same page as the other person. If you find it easy and relaxing to be in the other persons company then this is a great first date sign. If you are clearly uncomfortable about the other person don’t try to push it or fight it, go along with your instincts, be polite, have your coffee and explain to them that you don’t think this will work. They are probably feeling the same way and will be relieved that you brought this up.

You get a kiss at the end of the date with a bit of meaning. This is fairly self explanatory and much better than a handshake. Don’t expect a big wet kiss at the end of the date. Be happy that there has been some physical contact. You can always look forward to more on the second meeting. After all anticipating what’s to come is also very exciting.

Lastly, if you both decide to meet again after the date then this is another great sign. Make sure you SMS them later that day saying you had a great time and are looking forward to meeting again. Don’t wait too long to send this. Playing games, especially if your over 30 and are dating for the first time is not a good way to go. People need reassurance so if they receive a lovely SMS from you this will reinforce all the good that has happened on the date and set you ip nicely for the next one.

These are just a few tell tale signs that your dates gone really well. If you would like any other information about this or need some feedback on how your last date with us went please contact one of our professional dating experts for some clarity.

12 things YOU SHOULD NEVER say on a first date

If your new to the dating game or are just out of a relationship and are looking to get back into the dating scene, there are some topics that are off limits on your first date. You may need a refresh so stick to these and you’ll be doing just fine. These are 12 topics that are off limits.

1. So, what went wrong with your last relationship?

You don’t want to found out all the sordid messy details of the last relationship. If it ended badly you don’t want to get an insight into this too early on. The first date is all about getting to know the person. Ask about their favourite sports or what they like to do on the weekend or perhaps ask about their job. Keep it light n fluffy on the first encounter.

2. I’ll pay.

Most guys want to pay on the first date. It’s a guy thing and they’ll be happy to pay. Don’t mention paying or insist on it if they reach for the bill. It may embarrass them or make the situation uncomfortable. Perhaps as a good will gesture say you will pick up the tab for coffee next time.

3. Do you mind if I dash off to make a quick call?

Not cool if your going to step outside and make a call. It sets a really bad impression. This is of course unless there is an emergency. Also, don’t keep checking your emails or looking at your social media. Attention should be focused on each other. After all, isn’t this what the date is about? If you have paid a matchmaker to set you up then be in the moment!

4. I’m mates with all my exes.

Oh, this is terrible. This lets him or her know that your exes are still hanging around. Plus it shows that they have not been able to keep a relationship. Unsteady ground here people – avoid this one!

5.Why are you still single?

This is just code for: is there something the matter with you? If the person opposite you is hot and a real catch if you ask this question it’s just like saying: I think your fabulous so why am I so lucky to be here with you. It gives them the advantage and puts you at a disadvantage. Perhaps approach it like this: you seem like a great guy or girl, tell me how you got into swimming or yoga? Don’t put them on a pedestal by thinking they are too good for you.

6. Sydney or Melbourne is only temporary for me, I’m moving.

 An instant date killer. Why are your there on a first date if your planning on skipping cities. Never say this.

7. I’m changing my look completely

 If they have seen your photo and want to meet you they obviously like the way you look right now. Changing your hair colour, getting a new look is throwing uncertainty into the mix here. They’ll be immediately thinking: ‘what will they look like later on?’.

8. I still have strong feelings for my ex

 Wow – does this need an explanation? If you have feelings for your ex, try to work it out with them. This is not fair to the person sitting opposite you, is it?

9. This is the first time I have ever done something like this.Don’t let on that you are a newbie! You need to project confidence and air of being totally in control, be happy and make sure you eye contact. Your date will never know that this is the first time for you. Remember, it could be the first time for them as well. Be strong and they will respect you for this. If your shy and show that your very nervous on your first date try to control this.

10. It’s up to you

It doesn’t matter what your doing next. If your off to a new bar, café or want an extra serving of chips with the mains, make sure you have an opinion. Don’t leave it totally up to the other person. Show some imagination, be up front, present options. Do not give all the power to the other person.

11. Make mine a double.

Don’t tell them that you want to drink to much. This shows that either your nervous and need to drink or you have a drinking problem. Nothing worse than being opposite someone that’s drunk. If you feel the need to have a big night out save it for your mates. Do not over drink on your first date.

12.How much money do you make?

A rude question and one that should only be asked if your very close to each other. A definite no no for a first date. If you must know this then Google their job description when you get back home and get your information from this. Finance and politics are best left for much later on.


We know that you’re a successful business man or women and have reached the top in your field. Basically, you’re a very busy professional dedicated to your work. But, you still need time to find love and keep that flame burning bright. This can prove very difficult in today’s fast paced work orientated environment. Sure you can start a relationship with someone you have met through a matchmaker but the trick here is to keep the romance alive and not to become consumed by your work.

Even if your totally happy with the way the relationship is going you still have to put time, effort and a great deal of your energy into keeping the 2 of you together. There are certain things you can do to keep the momentum of the relationship moving in a forward and positive direction. Whether it’s a date night, going to the movies, having a dinner together, going away for the weekend or even something as simple as a long phone chat, you have to make the time and dedicate it to the other person.

If you are prepared to put in the effort you will see the relationship blossom into what is hopefully a long term partnership.

Essentially, it’s possible to have a successful career and relationship if you make certain changes to your behaviour. You will and I will emphasise the point here, you must change your ways and set time aside for the relationship component. If you don’t do this or are prepared to accept the status quo then this is going to make things a lot harder for both you are your partner.

Having said all that following are a few tips for busy professionals keep the flame burning strongly:

Put time aside for a date. Don’t do this for the sake of it or as a gesture. Make sure you keep the date and put lots of effort into it. We understand your both tired after a busy day or you have to deal with the kids on the weekend but plan an easy dinner, somewhere casual where both of you can relax, unwind and enjoy the moment. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a dinner, it can be as simple as grabbing a quick drink after work or meeting for coffee at lunch. The point here is that the 2 of you are together strengthening your bonds. If you work in Sydney or Melbourne’s CBD there are heaps of places you can meet. Trick here is to plan a couple of days ahead and do not make any appointments that will clash with this. You can cancel 1 or 2 times but any more will start to fracture the relationship.

Be affectionate when you can. Surprise your partner with a hug or kiss and tell them how much you like or love them and show your gratitude to them. Perhaps even a small gift even though it’s not their birthday. Random gestures of affection will go a long way in keeping the flame alive. A good idea is to invite them to your place and cook them a home meal!! Make sure you pick up their favourite dessert or snack on your way home from work. This is a real treat and they will love you for this.

Make time for the person everyday even if it’s just a couple of minutes. Getting complacent and falling into a routine is very easy. If your both really busy it’s important to find the time to speak to each other during the day. Give yourself 5-10 minutes in a quiet room where you can devote all your attention to that person.

Try not to talk about work too much when you get home. Work probably plays an important part of your life and you have been absorbed by it for many years but leave it at work. Park your issues, clients etc at the office and come home with a clear mind and ready to engage with your partner in a relaxed state. If you thinking this is too hard, perhaps it’s a good idea to have a glass of wine to settle down a bit. The point here is to be 100% attentive to your partner.

These are just a few tips to help all you busy execs out there. Stick to these and the romance will stay alive.

If however, you are a really busy professional and still on the market looking for Mr or Ms Right contact us here at Executive Match – we have a massive database of professionals just like you looking to make the connection.