7 MUST SEE dating tips for single mums

Dating is not easy and for many single mum’s out there it can be an absolute nightmare. The dating world is has certain rules and if all you single mum’s out there follow these, you just might meet your perfect man.

Here are 7 essential tips for how to successfully date as a single mum:

Make sure you use your lunch hour for first dates. If you think about it, it’s so much easier and stress free, if you can get that hour or so off from the boss. If you’re a business owner it’s obviously a lot easier. You will feel so much more relaxed and open to some first date fun as the kids are in school and you have the added bonus of looking fabulous already as your dressed up fro the working day. Also, and this is really important to note that you only have 1 hour so if the date is not going well you have the perfect excuse to leave. Alternatively, if you have bonded and there is chemistry then you are going to leave on a high note and you can set yourself up for a second hot date.

Never mention the hardships of being a single mum or single woman. It won’t be easy that’s for sure but what ever you do, do not go on and on about being alone and single with kids. This is a turn off and may put your date off. Everyone has problems and day to day issues so avoid that topic. All you have to know is that being a single mum in Sydney or Melbourne takes a certain amount of courage and strength and that is you! Keep this is mind.

Try to be yourself and act natural. This is not as easy as it looks as you want to make a good first impression. But, he has to like you for you and if he doesn’t well it’s better that it’s sorted out early rather than later. Having said that, do not be too relaxed and let your guard down and put all your cards on the table. Maintain a certain level of mystery to keep him guessing and wanting more. He will like you a lot more if you are your true self and not just playing ‘nice girl’ to make an impression.

Don’t give your ex husband a bad rap – never bad mouth them. A hard thing to do especially if you have got a willing and eager listener at the other side of the table. If you start rubbishing him, you will start to look angry and bitter, which are bad qualities you do not want to show in a first or even second date. If he asks about your ex, keep it light and fluffy. If you need to vent talk to a friend or a family member.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. Excessive drinking is definitely not a good idea. Tempting I know, to relieve the nerves, but if your too relaxed you not only look messy but you can make some seriously bad decisions. You know what I mean by this. You will end up telling him you life story (good and bad) and you may even end up sleeping with him. Have a one drink policy and that’s it!

Don’t go on about your kids. Yes you love them and yes they are your life but leave them at home for this 1 hour first date. It will bore the pants of him especially if he doesn’t have any kids. Talk about them briefly but leave it at that. Talking about your kids to much labels you as a mum and not a women. He’s looking for a women so play the part to being with until your more comfortable with each other.

Set the your goals for the date. Make sure the goal is all about having some fun. Remember you have paid to be here so try to enjoy yourself. Smile, have fun, be in the moment and don’t take it too seriously. There is always the next date.