The Bumble & Tinder Blues

For those of you that have been on the Bumble & Tinder treadmill of going on countless, meaningless & disappointing dates, your not alone. A good number of clients that join Executive Match have been on Bumble and Tinder & they all say the same thing; “the dates were a waste of time’ or ‘they looked nothing like their photo’.

Those of you reading this will know what I mean. You’ve all been there and have all had those unfortunate dates. You know the feeling; you match online, you exchange phone numbers, you What’s App each other and have a few really good conversations before you meet. Expectations are running high, hearts are racing and your really looking forward to that first date. You arrive at the cafe a few minutes early to settle the nerves and wait in eager anticipation for your date.

What happens next is all too common unfortunately. He or she arrives and the first impression is one of fight or flight. Thoughts go through your ming like; how on earth am I going to spend the next hour with this person or they looking absolutely nothing like I was expecting. A real disappointment to say the least. You both no it and there is zero chemistry. You fumble through the date and politely say that you’ll see each other again when you both know that’s a huge lie. The date ends he goes one way and she the other and that’s the art time they will ever meet. Phone number are deleted or blocked and the reality of online dating sinks you into deeper despair.

You think to yourself that you’ll pull yourself together and this is just a numbers game and that you will meet the love of your life. So the cycle continues. That night, your start the mission of meeting the next person, forever hopeful that they are out there some where just waiting for you.

This is the Tinder and Bumble never ending cycle going on one date after another. For some people this is a great way to enhance their social life and meet strangers on a weekly basis in the hope of perhaps ‘hooking up’ or meeting new friends. But for those that are seriously looking for a partner, someone they can connect with, both physically and mentally, these online dating apps are a really hard slog. It’s a lot of work for very little return. You end up going on date after date, meeting people you’d never want to see again, which can have a really negative effect of the way you see dating and the way you perceive people. Psychologically it can be very damaging and you end up becoming very sarcastic and critical of the whole dating process.

bumble - executive match

These apps are in many cases designed for game players. People that like to juggle dates, see one, two or even three people at a time without making a real commitment. Tinder & Bumble are basically free so many guys and girls will take full advantage of this by, if you like, speed dating through peopled discarding anyone who isn’t up to their very high standards. Dates can last 20, 30 or even 40 minutes before they are terminated leaving the other party feeling rejected. Self esteem and confidence levels can plummet!

This is where a service like Executive Match is such a blessing for people that are 100% committed to meeting someone. Because they have to pay a fee for this they are more invested in the outcome and will actually make an effort. Plus you are meeting people that are your equal.People that share your same common goals, aspirations and lifestyle. We make sure that we effectively screen everyone before they join so we have only the very best clients on our database.

Sure there will be the odd date that does not live up to your expectations but overall, you are more likely to meet someone you can connect with by using Executive match than wasting countless hours using Tinder or Bumble. Yes, we are a dating agency and you might think that I’m saying this just to promote ourselves but for those of you that have been on the dating cycle I’m sure you will all agree with me.  Best thing to do is give us a call or shoot us an email and we can resolve all your dating dramas and dilemmas by introducing you to a person that has been fully screened and vetted by our expert matchmakers.