7 things you DO NOT want to do on a first date

If you have just been divorced or are recently single and you are new to the dating scene then following are 7 things you definitely do not want to do on a first date. Break these rules and it could get uncomfortable for you.

#1: Go to the movies. This is a killer as your sitting next to a complete stranger in total silence. The idea of a first date is to get to know someone. The only way to do this is meet for a coffee of a drink and spend some quality time getting to know them.

Sitting in a cinema is just going to be odd and uncomfortable. If you’re a movie buff and you are keen to see a new flick, then go with a mate or a relative or even go on your own. You might think it’s a good idea but wait till you are on your 4th or even 5th date before you hit the movies together. There are so many things wrong about movies on a first date that they are too numerous to mention. So take our advice and avoid this completely for the immediate future.

# 2: Go to the beach for a swim. OMG, this is not a good idea especially as so many people are very self conscious about their bodies. The last thing they want to be doing is peeling off all their clothes in front of you and heading off for a swim. Keep the beach for later when you both know each other a little better.

# 3: Hear off to a yoga class together. Again, like the beach any physical activity should be left till much later when you are more align with each other. Plus, like the movies, you want to be in an environment where you can talk to each other and get to know one another. A yoga class requires silence and this is not what a first date should be about.

# 4: Don’t get too drunk on the first date. Avoid drinking lot’s of alcohol as this can send some really bad signals. Sure, you may be nervous and yes a couple of wines will help calm you down, but leave it at that – no more! Slurring, over passionate first dates are such an ugly look. It may be hard to stick to this but you have to try it. You will be amazed by the positive impression you will make by staying sober. Guys, if your reading this take note! Stop at a couple of drinks…leave it at that. If your too drunk your going to try things you’ll regret especially if you like her. Control here is the key and you will be in a much better position on your next meeting, rather than having to apologise for your bad behaviour (that’s if you get a second date).

# 5: Don’t expect to sleep with the other person on the first date. There may be some expectations about this, especially from the guys side of things but this is a definite NO NO. This first date is all about getting to know the person and seeing if your compatible. That’s all it’s about and nothing more. Yes you may have a kiss on the cheek at the end but leave it at that.

# 6: Don’t be late. Yes it’s fashionable to be a couple of minutes late but anything over 10 minutes is just plain rude. If your stuck in traffic and this can be common in Sydney or Melbourne or your a busy single executive professional stuck in a meeting, SMS them to let them know your running late. Be polite and say your so sorry when you first meet. This will diffuse any tension from the party that’s been sitting there waiting for you.

# 7: Don’t turn up without any money and expect the other person to pay. Pay your share and if the other party insists they pay make sure you have offered.

These are some golden first date rules. Follow these, make the right impression and you will be well onto your second date.