7 Signs that your first date is going well

Going on your first date for a lot of people; even executives and professionals who are used to high pressured jobs and situation, can be really stressful. You do not know hat t he other person is thinking and if you have been out of the dating scene for a while this can be even harder trying to read the other persons signals. It can be horrible trying to second guess what the other person is thinking about you: do they like me, am I creating the right impression, do they think I’m attractive or handsome? With all these questions are swirling in your head during your first date you might end up having a bad time. If you have gone on the date because it has been set up by an introduction agency for men or women then you really want to make sure you get the most out of it and give yourself the very best chance of making it a success.

So, to make this easier for you following are recognisable signs that your date is going extremely well.

You are finding that the conversation is flowing easily. This means you are getting along. If you find that you are struggling to make conversation this is not a good sign. You will notice this by how quickly the time passes on the date. If you look at your watch and see that an hour has flown by then this is a great sign.

You are maintaining eye contact. This means that you are engaging with each other and again a very good indication that there is a connection. If you find it hard to maintain eye contact then something is a miss here and a sign that things are not going so great.

If you both decide that you would like to perhaps go for dinner after the initial coffee. That’s great as you want to immediately extend the date and turn it into something bigger like dinner.

You find that you have a lot of things in common. You both like the beach, travelling abroad, enjoy yoga or going sailing. Having something in common and finding that you are both into the same things is a great first start and should set some solid foundations for a relationship.

You find it easy being in their company. We have all been through uncomfortable situations and meeting where you get bored or are not on the same page as the other person. If you find it easy and relaxing to be in the other persons company then this is a great first date sign. If you are clearly uncomfortable about the other person don’t try to push it or fight it, go along with your instincts, be polite, have your coffee and explain to them that you don’t think this will work. They are probably feeling the same way and will be relieved that you brought this up.

You get a kiss at the end of the date with a bit of meaning. This is fairly self explanatory and much better than a handshake. Don’t expect a big wet kiss at the end of the date. Be happy that there has been some physical contact. You can always look forward to more on the second meeting. After all anticipating what’s to come is also very exciting.

Lastly, if you both decide to meet again after the date then this is another great sign. Make sure you SMS them later that day saying you had a great time and are looking forward to meeting again. Don’t wait too long to send this. Playing games, especially if your over 30 and are dating for the first time is not a good way to go. People need reassurance so if they receive a lovely SMS from you this will reinforce all the good that has happened on the date and set you ip nicely for the next one.

These are just a few tell tale signs that your dates gone really well. If you would like any other information about this or need some feedback on how your last date with us went please contact one of our professional dating experts for some clarity.