12 things YOU SHOULD NEVER say on a first date

If your new to the dating game or are just out of a relationship and are looking to get back into the dating scene, there are some topics that are off limits on your first date. You may need a refresh so stick to these and you’ll be doing just fine. These are 12 topics that are off limits.

1. So, what went wrong with your last relationship?

You don’t want to found out all the sordid messy details of the last relationship. If it ended badly you don’t want to get an insight into this too early on. The first date is all about getting to know the person. Ask about their favourite sports or what they like to do on the weekend or perhaps ask about their job. Keep it light n fluffy on the first encounter.

2. I’ll pay.

Most guys want to pay on the first date. It’s a guy thing and they’ll be happy to pay. Don’t mention paying or insist on it if they reach for the bill. It may embarrass them or make the situation uncomfortable. Perhaps as a good will gesture say you will pick up the tab for coffee next time.

3. Do you mind if I dash off to make a quick call?

Not cool if your going to step outside and make a call. It sets a really bad impression. This is of course unless there is an emergency. Also, don’t keep checking your emails or looking at your social media. Attention should be focused on each other. After all, isn’t this what the date is about? If you have paid a matchmaker to set you up then be in the moment!

4. I’m mates with all my exes.

Oh, this is terrible. This lets him or her know that your exes are still hanging around. Plus it shows that they have not been able to keep a relationship. Unsteady ground here people – avoid this one!

5.Why are you still single?

This is just code for: is there something the matter with you? If the person opposite you is hot and a real catch if you ask this question it’s just like saying: I think your fabulous so why am I so lucky to be here with you. It gives them the advantage and puts you at a disadvantage. Perhaps approach it like this: you seem like a great guy or girl, tell me how you got into swimming or yoga? Don’t put them on a pedestal by thinking they are too good for you.

6. Sydney or Melbourne is only temporary for me, I’m moving.

 An instant date killer. Why are your there on a first date if your planning on skipping cities. Never say this.

7. I’m changing my look completely

 If they have seen your photo and want to meet you they obviously like the way you look right now. Changing your hair colour, getting a new look is throwing uncertainty into the mix here. They’ll be immediately thinking: ‘what will they look like later on?’.

8. I still have strong feelings for my ex

 Wow – does this need an explanation? If you have feelings for your ex, try to work it out with them. This is not fair to the person sitting opposite you, is it?

9. This is the first time I have ever done something like this.Don’t let on that you are a newbie! You need to project confidence and air of being totally in control, be happy and make sure you eye contact. Your date will never know that this is the first time for you. Remember, it could be the first time for them as well. Be strong and they will respect you for this. If your shy and show that your very nervous on your first date try to control this.

10. It’s up to you

It doesn’t matter what your doing next. If your off to a new bar, café or want an extra serving of chips with the mains, make sure you have an opinion. Don’t leave it totally up to the other person. Show some imagination, be up front, present options. Do not give all the power to the other person.

11. Make mine a double.

Don’t tell them that you want to drink to much. This shows that either your nervous and need to drink or you have a drinking problem. Nothing worse than being opposite someone that’s drunk. If you feel the need to have a big night out save it for your mates. Do not over drink on your first date.

12.How much money do you make?

A rude question and one that should only be asked if your very close to each other. A definite no no for a first date. If you must know this then Google their job description when you get back home and get your information from this. Finance and politics are best left for much later on.