10 things singles hate about dating in 2018

Put simply, dating can be hard work. There are lots of things that are really worthwhile yet there are others that you simply can’t stand. So following is our list compiled by some of our singles through feedback we get that they really hate about dating. Obviously, we are here to help you get over these hurdles but some things about dating definitely remain a constant.

1) Coming on Too Heavy

Never tell your new partner that you love them on the second date. Don’t ever be too pushy as this is a real turn off. Have some distance and keep them guessing about your feelings, at least for the first couple of weeks. Being too pushy is one of the things most people hate about dating. Also, don’t over SMS or text them too much. Keep some distance and space.

2) Not willing to travel
If your meeting a new person for the first time, be prepared to leave your local area or comfort zone. If your in Sydney and you live in the East be prepared to meet them for a coffee in Manly. If your in Melbourne, same goes. If you are stubborn about this it does set a negative precedent.

3) Be flirty over the phone
A real turn off is when someone does not communicate effectively. Remember if your chatting with them for the first time, try to have a bit of a spark in your voice. You are going to be judged by this and it will set the tone for your first meeting. People hate it when the other person at the end of the phone gives short, sharp answers.

4) Raving on about your ex
Don’t bring up your ex too much. If your still in love with them forget about going on the date. If you hate them don’t bag them too much or put them down in front of the other [person. It just makes you look malicious and nasty. People really hate this type of chatter about the ex. You may say how long your were in the relationship but leave it at that.

5) Being rude to the waiters
Oh, this is such a turn off and it’s going to put your partner off in 2 seconds. Shouting, yelling ort swearing is NOT a good look and only paints a bad picture of you in the future. If the service or food is bad try to make a light joke out of it. Never ever take it too seriously unless they complain in the first instance. Then and only then can you chime in – but keep your temper well under control.

6) Always right
Being on a date is getting to know the other person. Don’t push your opinions too much Try to listen to what the other person is saying and if you feel they are wrong about something you don’t have to be argumentative about it or have a strong opinion. Try to be as neutral as possible on the first couple of dates.

7) Overly sexual
Don’t go on about your fantasies or what you would like to do to her or him on a tropical island. This is not ideal for a first meet and greet. Save it for much later.

8) Being scared of a relationship

Let’s face it, if your on the first date because you have been introduced to someone through Executive Match, then you are most likely looking for a long term relationship. Never say you are not. Most people going on a date are genuine about their commitment and so should you be. If you give the impression that this is a one night stand or a fling then it will not go past the first date.

9) Being late and looking tardy
Two date killers and a real turn off. Being late (without letting them know) and looking as though you have just come from the gym. If your stuck in traffic or the kids have held you up please let the other party know. Being late shows a lack of respect and sets you up for failure. Punctuality is key to a first date.

10) Turn off your mobile phone
Technology is a great thing but for your first date I’m afraid that it has to be turned off. Full concentration must be given to the other person. I know you might want to let someone know your Ok but save that for the toilet break if you really have to use your phone

There are just a few dating tips to help you survive your first meeting. If you can survive your first date and you have both enjoyed yourselves then the future is looking bright and your well on your way to your second date.